Values DAO

How to join ValuesDAO and begin staking?

So, you would like to join the ValuesDAO revolution and increase your crypto holdings?

Step 1: Get access from a current ValuesDAO member or community partner

Step 2 - Download & Install Metamask

Set up MetaMask wallet in your computer or smartphone (we recommend Metamask in your computer for smoothest experience).
Download Metamask here :
How to setup video (computer):
How to setup video (mobile):

Step 3 - Add Polygon Network

ValuesDAO runs on the Polygon Network. Polygon Network is the second layer of Ethereum Blockchain and is scalable solution supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem. It's fast, secure, and has low transaction fees.

* We have set up the Values App so that it offers to automatically add the Polygon network to your wallet when you connect your wallet, so you only need to click "Approve" in the Metamask pop-up window!

** If you happen to face any issues and Polygon is not automatically added to your wallet, Add the Network Manually:
  1. 1.
    MATIC Mainnet
  2. 3.
  3. 4.
  4. 5.

Step 4: Add/Import VALUES token, sVALUES token and DAI token to your wallet

1. VALUES Token Address:
2. sVALUES Token Address:
3. DAI Token Address:
Copy and paste the ValuesDAO access link (URL) from current ValuesDAO member or community into your mobile phone (Chrome or Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android) or computer browser (any Metamask compatible browser such as Chrome or Brave) and click Enter Key to start the ValuesDAO app.
Then, click "Connect Wallet" button. Metamask will open automatically (please wait patiently).
Once Metamask is open, click on the "Connect" button (your metamask pop-up window may look a little different but just confirm you are connecting to ValuesDAO app and then click "Connect" and "Confirm" if there is a confirm button.
Once connected successfully, you will see your metamask address in the upper right of ValuesDAO app.
  • If metamask tells you that you do not have enough MATIC for the transaction Gas, go to Step 6. to see how to buy some MATIC.

Step 6: Buy MATIC and DAI

  • MATIC - Polygon Network native token is used to pay fees for transactions. Make sure to always have a few MATIC in your wallet ;)
  • DAI - Dai is the native stablecoin for the Maker protocol. It is the world’s first crypto-collateralized and decentralized stablecoin, whose value is soft pegged to the US Dollar. The collateralized assets backing Dai are other cryptocurrencies instead of fiat and are held within smart contracts rather than in institutions.

1. Buying MATIC

Please, note that MATIC tokens exist on different networks, you must choose Polygon as the network.

2. Buying DAI

Once you have MATIC in your wallet, the easiest way is to swap MATIC to DAI within the Values Application

Step 7: Begin staking with Values Token!

Currently you have several choices to get started:

1. Staking

Staking: (You must use DAI token to purchase Values token in order to do straight staking - see below)
  • Benefits:
  • Your funds begin staking automatically and are compounded every 24 hours to receive current APY. Funds are always liquid and you can withdraw your tokens at any time.
  • You help support the ValuesDAO Liquidity Pool and help increase the market value of the Values token.

How to buy the Values token and begin Staking?

First, enter the Values App

Go to or use your Referral link or your Community's link. Then connect your wallet.
  1. 1.
    After you have bought DAI or Matic tokens and sent to your Metamask wallet, open Values SWAP page and select that token at top right.
  2. 2.
    Input amount or select “Max” on top left. Please wait until Uniswap squires Values price. It takes a few moments.
  3. 3.
    Click “Review swap" button
4. Review the Swap Summary
5. Click “Confirm swap” button
6. Metamask will open. Click “Confirm” button
7. Wait until the swap is complete
8. When you see green check mark the swap is complete.
9. Click “Close Button. You're Finished!

How to stake your Values Tokens :

9b. To start Straight staking, Click on Menu button (3 lines at top left) and open "Staking" page.
9c. Click "Approve" button and Metamask will open automatically. Click "Confirm" button and wait until transaction is complete. Then return to Values Staking page.
9d. Click "Max" or enter the number of tokens you want to stake.
9e. Click "Stake" button and Metamask will open automatically. Click "Confirm" button and wait until transaction is complete.
You should receive "Successful" pop up message. You're finished!

How to begin Bonding?

Discounted Bonding: (You need DAI token for Bonds)

  • Benefits: You will receive a very nice discount/bonus on your Bonds depending on the lock period:
  • Lock Periods / Discounts
  • *Note: the discount/bonuses listed below may fluctuate up or down, depending on the needs of the DAO system. The DAO is constantly adjusting to affect the best system balance which acts to create longevity for the system and the most profit for the DAO members.
  • It is recommended to watch the ROI %'s closely and select or purchase the products that show the highest ROI.
12 hours / 1%~2% discount/bonus (this bonus is subject to change)
360 days / 60% discount/bonus (Currently sold out)
180 days / 30% discount/bonus (Currently sold out)
90 days / 15% discount/bonus (Currently sold out)
60 days / 10% discount/bonus (Currently sold out)
30 days / 5% discount/bonus (Currently sold out)
  • Bond Rules:
1. Staking is automatic after locked period is complete
2. Rewards are automatically reinvested and compounded
3. Cannot withdraw principal or rewards during locked period
4. Member receives same current APY % as everyone else
5. Member can add more funds to locked amount to enjoy more % discount, but clock restarts from day 1 of new bond deposit date
6. Member can choose to Bond multiple period bonds at the same time

Begin Bonding with DAI Token!


First, enter the Values App

Go to or use your Referral link or your Community's link. Then connect your wallet.
  1. 1.
    After you have bought DAI tokens and sent to your Metamask wallet, click on Menu button (3 lines at top left)
  2. 2.
    Click on “Bond" in menu.
3. 4. Select which Bond and lock period you would like (12 hours / 30 days / 90 days / 120 days / 360 days
4b) * If it is your first time to Bond in Values, you will need to click “Approve”
** If you have bonded before, you may be able to proceed to step 5 to bond.
4c) * and then confirm the action in Metamask BEFORE you can Bond.
4d) * wait until prices have loaded, and then MAKE SURE the button says “Bond”
5. Input amount or click “Max.”
6. Then click “Bond” button
7. Metamask will open. Click “Confirm” button.
8. Please wait a bit and then you will see “Your bond was successful” pop-up.
9. Refresh your screen & Congratulations!

Congratulations you have done it!

From now on, you are part of ValuesDAO and our family!
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